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Suicide Prevention Training Presentations and Education

Our customized presentations are available for schools, service groups, non-profit agencies, mental health providers, hospitals, and local businesses.

Presentations and trainings are free & available in English or Spanish.

Scheduling is flexible.

Schedule a training for your classroom, community group, or business here

Outreach presentations include age-appropriate content, resources, and materials.

We are also able to provide internationally recognized, evidence-based trainings such as ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training). If you are interested in receiving one of these trainings, you can click here to submit a request, email us at or call our administrative line at 831-459-9373.

Benefits of Our Programs

Presentations to youth and adults create a safe space for participants to :

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Identify the stigma and myths about suicide that discourage people from reaching out

Increase their awareness of suicide warning signs

and suicidal statements and how to respond

Learn to recognize risk factors such as isolation

and increase in alcohol/drug use

Increase their ability to express compassion for those experiencing suicidal thoughts

Identify ways to get help for themselves

or someone else who may be at risk

Discuss helpful and harmful coping behaviors

Trainings for service providers prepare those working with at risk groups to :

Explore their own beliefs, feelings, thoughts,

and attitudes around suicide

Identify the suicide crisis line as a resource for them

and the people they serve

Identify those who may be at an increased risk for suicidal thoughts or behavior

Identify and respond effectively to suicide warning signs

and suicidal statements

Use safe strategic models to discuss suicide with their clients

Use communication skills that promote trust

and encourage expression

Engage a comprehensive suicide/crisis intervention model

to promote safety

Plan for and practice effective self-care and debriefing

If you are interested in our internationally recognized, evidence-based trainings, click the link below to submit a request, email us at, or call our administrative line at 831-459-9373.

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Have you participated in a presentation or training from SPS? We would like to hear from you! Click here to tell us about your experience and give us feedback!

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24-Hour Suicide Crisis Line
Call: 988
Serving Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Benito Counties for over 50 years


Calls to the Suicide Crisis Line are confidential, but we are required to report to outside agencies and/or get additional help in certain situations, including immediate risk of suicide or homicide and minor, elder, or dependent adult abuse or neglect.

Las llamadas a Suicide Crisis Line son confidenciales, pero estamos obligados a informar a agencias exteriores y de obtener ayuda adicional en ciertas situaciones, incluyendo riesgo inmediato de suicidio u homicidio al igual que abuso o descuido/abandono de algún menor, anciano y/ó un adulto dependiente.

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